Feb 282011

The Barracudas participated in the Florida State Championships in two divisions, Mite & Pee Wee.

The MITES entered the SAHOF Tournament and were assigned to the Mite Collegian Division at Palm Beach Ice Works.

They opened the Tourney Friday evening with a 3-1 victory over the Florida Jr Panthers and followed up Saturday Morning with a 4-2 victory against the Palm Beach Breakers. Later on Saturday the Barracudas dropped their contest to the Orlando Jr Knights 5-2. On Sunday morning they had a tough 8-5 loss to the Brandon Jr Bulls. The Mites had a great season, and finished with a very solid 2-2 weekend at the State Championships.

The Barracuda PEE WEE’S qualified for SAHOF via their impressive 3rd place finish in the CFHL. They traveled to Germain Arena in Estero, Florida for their State Championships.

Friday evening started with a loss to a great goaltending performance from the Palm Beach Blackhawks as Palm Beach was able to outscore Jacksonville 2-1 in the opener. On Saturday Morning the Cudas faced CFHL rivals, the Florida Jr Everblades Green, The Eblades and Cudas were 1-1-1 throughout the season. In this game is was the Cudas defense that shut down the Blades and the Cudas skated away with a 2-0 victory. In game 3 on Saturday evening the Cudas would do battle with I95 rivals the Volusia Jr Bolts. It was a great hockey game that went to the wire. The Bolts were undefeated and the Cudas were 1-1, and figured they needed a Regulation win to advance to the Semi’s. With the score tied at 2, the Cudas pulled the goalie trying to earn their way into the final round. After a flurry of Cuda shots; with :07 seconds remaining the Bolts scored from deep in their own zone on the empty net to end the game 3-2. Eventually the Bolts went on to win the title after a 9-0 Semi Victory and an 8-1 Championship victory over the Raiders. The Cuda Pee Wee’s completed a great season with a final overall record of  25-13-5.

Feb 122011

Thank you to all the PeeWee teams for a great weekend. We hope you took home with you some fond memories not soon forgotten.

Congratulations to the PeeWee Division Champion Jacksonville Barracudas.

Round Robin Standings    
W L T Pts
Charleston Wolverines 3 0 0 6        (1) 
Greenville Jr. Road Warriors 1 2 0 2        (3)
Jacksonville Barracudas 2 1 0 4        (2)
Space Coast Hurricanes 0 3 0 0        (4)
Friday 2/18        
Space Coast Hurricanes 0      
Jacksonville Barracudas 3      
Cuda Goals: (9) A. Morley fm (61) K. Secor & (8) D. Sader; (17) T. Lynch; (61) K. Secor fm (28) L. Stroud
Saturday 2/19        
Charleston Wolverines 8      
Space Coast Hurricanes 0      
Wolverine Goals: (18) C. Wingert fm (4) C. Heinold; (5) C. Jenkins fm (6) A. Heaman; (9) B. Alfaro fm (5) C. Jenkins; (2) B. Heaney fm (5) C. Jenkins; (5) C. Jenkins fm (6) A. Heaman; (8) B. Flatt fm (15) J. Dashnaw; (2) B. Heaney fm (9) B. Alfaro & (15) J. Dashnaw; (17) P. Brown fm (5) C. Jenkins
Greenville Jr. Road Warriors 2      
Charleston Wolverines 10      
Wolverine Goals: (11) N. Maday fm (18) C. Wingert & (12) J. Trigiani; (2) B. Heaney fm (15) J. Dashnaw & (10) K. Prestis; (17) P. Brown fm (5) C. Jenkins; (15) J. Dashnaw fm (10) K. Prestis; (6) A. Heaman fm (15) J. Dashnaw; (5) C. Jenkins fm (6) A. Heaman & (2) B. Heaney; (5) C. Jenkins fm (8) B. Flatt & (3) J. Friedman; (5) C. Jenkins fm (6) A. Heaman & (3) J. Friedman; (2) B. Heaney; (11) N. Maday fm (6) A. Heaman & (15) J. Dashnaw  Warrior Goals: (1)  A. Rozos fm (23) F. Jacobsen; (8) M. Kishko fm (87) C. Judd & (71) N. Matthews
Greenville Jr. Road Warriors 0      
Jacksonville Barracudas 3      
Cuda Goals: (25) A. Buben fm (28) L. Stroud; (25) A. Buben fm (61) K. Secor & (13) H. Buben; (17) T. Lynch
Sunday 2/20        
Space Coast Hurricanes 2      
Greenville Jr. Road Warriors 4      
Warrior Goals: (8) M. Kishko; (21) K. Smith; (67) N. Menconi; (23) F. Jacobsen  Cane Goals: (99) P. Rigolini fm (77) Z. Mulrenin; (99) P. Rigolini
Charleston Wolverines 3      
Jacksonville Barracudas 1      
Wolverine Goals: (5) C. Jenkins fm (2) B. Heaney; (17) P. Brown fm (11) N. Maday; (2) B. Heaney  Cuda Goals: (25) A. Buben
Semi-Final # 1                8:00 pm   1 vs 4      
Charleston Wolverines 6      
Space Coast Hurricanes 2      
Wolverine Goals: (2) B. Heaney; (18) C. Wingert fm (11) N. Maday; (4) Colin Heinold; (8) B. Flatt; (2) B. Heaney fm (7) N. Thibodeau (18) C. Wingert; (17) P. Brown fm (5) C. Jenkins  Cane Goals: (98) H. Privette fm (99) P. Rigolini; (26) R. Tito fm (27) E. Levin
Semi-Final # 2                 9:15 pm   2 vs 3      
Jacksonville Barracudas      
Greenville Jr. Road Warriors 0      
Cudas Goals: (25) A. Buben fm (61) K. Secor; (23) D. Tehan fm (9) A. Morley; (17) T. Lynch fm (25) A. Buben ; (13) H. Buben 
Monday 2/21        
Championship              2:50 pm        
Jacksonville Barracudas 3      
Charleston Wolverines 2      
 Cuda Goals: (25) A. Buben fm (23) D. Tehan & (77) T. Henry; (25) A. Buben fm (9) A. Morley & (61) K. Secor; (9) A. Morley fm (13) H. Buben & (17) T. Lynch  Wolverine Goals: (2) B. Heaney fm (10) K. Prestis; (18) C. Wingert
Feb 122011
Thank you to all the Squirt teams for a great weekend. We hope you took home with you some fond memories not soon forgotten.
Congratulations to the Squirt Division Champion Charlotte Jr. Checkers.
  W L T Pts
Atlanta Fire 2 2 0 4
Charleston Wolverines 1 2 1 3
Charlotte Jr. Checkers 3 0 1 7
Jacksonville Barracudas 2 0 2 6
Space Coast Hurricanes 0 4 0 0
Friday 2/18        
Space Coast Hurricanes 0      
Jacksonville Barracudas 5      
Jax Goals: (10) B. Feder fm (7) M. LaChapelle; (81) C. Gatto fm (35) D. Mahin; (81) C. Gatto fm (85) C. Williams; (35) D. Mahin fm (10) B. Feder & (7) M. LaChapelle; (81) C. Gatto fm (35) D. Mahin
Charleston Wolverines 4      
Atlanta Fire 8      
Fire Goals: (17) G. Shamburger; (96) J. Neill fm (21) M. Serwitz; (5) D. Ricciardelli fm (80) H. Evonosky; (61) G. Scharff; (12) C. Russo-Alesi fm (17) G. Shamburger; (5) D. Ricciardelli; (19) A. Hammond fm (12) C. Russo-Alesi; (5) D. Ricciardelli        Wolverines Goals: (14) C. Heinold; (3) S. Aktar; (14) C. Heinold; (11) T.Morin fm (9) K. Ouelette & (5) J. Lambright
Saturday 2/19        
Spaces Coast Hurricanes 0      
Charlotte Jr. Checkers 3      
Checkers Goals: (14) J. Hussey fm (2) D. McCoy; (14) J. Hussey fm (8) J. Ballway; (6) Z. Reiser
Charlotte Jr. Checkers 4      
Atlanta Fire 3      
Checkers Goals: (8) J. Ballway fm (13) K. Kaylor; (9) B. Terada; (4) O. Davis fm (6) Z. Reiser; (6) Z. Reiser fm (3) W. Holland       Fire Goals: (80) H. Evonosky fm (5) D. Ricciardelli; (17) G. Shamburger fm (80) H. Evonosky; (21) M. Serwitz fm (19) A. Hammond & (96) J. Neill
Charleston Wolverines 2      
Jacksonville Barracudas 2      
Cudas Goals: (12) J. Savioe; (12) J. Savioe fm (37) J. Hester       Wolverines Goals: (10) N. Thibodeau fm (3) S. Aktar & (6) T. Crane; (10) N. Thibodeau fm (11) T. Morin & (9) K. Ouellette
Sunday 2/20        
Charlotte Jr. Checkers 7      
Jacksonville Barracudas 7      
Checkers Goals: (6) Z. Reiser; (11) C. Hoffman fm (8) J. Ballway; (14) J. Hussey fm (9) B. Terada; (6) Z. Reiser fm (9) B. Terada; (11) C. Hoffman fm (2) D. McCoy; (6) Z. Reiser fm (13) K. Kaylor; (6) Z. Reiser fm (12) C. Andreano & (9) B. Terada      Cudas Goals: (81) C. Gatto fm (16) B. Ellingsworth & (12) J. Savioe; (35) D. Mahin; (81) C. Gatto; (12) J. Savioe fm (16) B. Ellingsworth; (81) C. Gatto; (35) D. Mahin fm (81) C. Gatto; (35) D. Mahin fm (12) J. Savioe & (16) B. Ellingsworth
Charleston Wolverines 5      
Space Coast Hurricanes 0      
Wolverine Goals: (7) G. McNeish fm (14) C. Heinold; (5) J. Lambright; (5) J. Lambright; (14) C. Heinold fm (7) G. McNeich; (12) S. Thomas fm (14) C Heinold.
Atlanta Fire 3      
Jacksonville Barracudas 6      
Fire Goals: (5) D. Ricciardelli fm (12) C Russo-Alesi; (80) H. Evonosky fm (12) C. Russo-Alesi; (12) C. Russo-Alesi fm (17) G. ShamburgerBarracudas Goals: (81) C. Gatto; (35) D. Mahin; (81) C,Gatto fm (35) D. Mahin;  (35) D. Mahin fm (81) C. Gatto; (81) C. Gatto; (10) B. Feder fm (12) J. Savoie
Monday 2/21        
Space Coast Hurricanes 2      
Atlanta Fire 8      
 Fire Goals: (19) A. Hammond fm (96) J. Neill & (61) G. Scharff; (6) O. Junnila fm (96) J. Neill; (80) H. Evonosky fm (17) G. Shamburger & (12) C. Russo-Alesi; (17) G. Shamburger; (17) G. Shamburger; (17) G. Shamburger fm (96) J. Neill & (19) A. Hammond; (12) C. Russo-Alesi fm (6) O. Junnila; (12) C. Russo-Alesi fm (61) G. ScharffCanes Goals: (9) C. Rapalje fm (4) K. Sierra; (9) C. Rapalje
Charleston Wolverines 1      
Charlotte Jr. Checkers      
Checkers Goals: (6) Z. Reiser; (6) Z. Reiser; (14) J. HusseyWolverine Goal: (11) T. Morin fm (5) J. Lambright 
Jacksonville Barracudas  Overtime    
Charlotte Jr. Checkers 3      
Checker Goals: (6) Z. Reiser fm (3) W. Holland; (6) Z. Reiser fm (4) O. Davis; (6) Z. Reiser fm (3) W. HollandCudas Goals: (35) D. Mahin; (12) J. Savioe fm (35) D. Mahin & (81) C. Gatto
Feb 122011

Thank you to all the Mite teams for a great weekend. We hope you took home with you some fond memories not soon forgotten.

Congratulations to the Mite Champion Space Coast Hurricanes.

  W L T Pts
Atlanta Fire 0 0 3 3
Jacksonville Barracudas 1 1 1 3
Orlando Jr. Knights 1 1 1 3
Space Coast Hurricanes 1 1 1 3
Friday 2/18        
Space Coast Hurricanes 3      
Jacksonville Barracudas 1      
SC Goals: (3) T. King; (19) T. Ray fm (15) K. Gonzalez; (19) T.Ray fm (99) H. Erikson
Jax Goal: (44) J. Epi fm (6) J. Musa
Saturday 2/19        
Orlando Jr. Knights 5      
Atlanta Fire 5      
Jr. Knights Goals: (21) N. Gabryluk; (6) C. Levens; (6) C. Levens fm (21) N. Gabryluk; (6) C. Levens fm (40) J. George; (6) C. Levens fm (21) N. GabrylukFire Goals: (9) D. Depudyt fm (66) O. Hurd; (18) M. Ostrovski fm (46) W. Smith; (7) J. Barnard; (7) J. Barnard fm (5) D. Astapovich; (66) O. Hurd
Atlanta Fire 2      
Jacksonville Barracudas 2      
Fire Goals: (36) S. Carmody fm (18) M. Ostrovski & (46) W. Smith; (8) E. Cosman fm (66) O. HurdJax Goals: (11) S. Dec fm (60) L. Spink; (87) O. Ferenc fm (11) S. Dec & (66) A. Moran
Space Coast Hurricanes 1      
Orlando Jr. Knights 2      
Knights Goals: (21) N. Gabryluk fm (99) G. Heyn; (77) M. Loza fm (18) G. Roe & (21) N. GabrylukCanes Goal: (19) T. Ray fm (6) H. Levi
Sunday 2/20        
Orlando Jr. Knights 3      
Jacksonville Barracudas 5      
Cudas Goals: (6) J. Musa fm (99) T. Everett; (6) J. Musa fm (8) P. Lamarre & (44) J. Epi; (8) P. Lamarre fm (6) J. Musa; (60) L. Spink fm (11) S. Dec; (87) O. Ferenc fm (11) S. Dec & (60) L. SpinkKnights Goals: (18) G. Roe fm (77) M. Loza & (6) C. Levens; (6) C. Levens fm (77) M. Loza; (6) C. Levens fm (21) N. Gabryluk
Space Coast Hurricanes 4      
Atlanta Fire 4      
Canes Goals: (26) R. Mulrenin; (3) T. King fm (26) R. Mulrenin; (26) R. Mulrenin fm (15) K. Gonzalez; (15) K. Gonzalez fm (3) T. KingFire Goals: (7) J. Barnard fm (8) E. Cosman; (7) J. Barnard fm (8) E. Cosman; (46) W. Smith; (5) D. Astapovich
Semi-Final # 1          5:30 pm        
Space Coast Hurricanes 11      
Atlanta Fire 2      
Hurricane Goals: (15) K. Gonzalez fm (19) T. Ray; (19) T. Ray; (3) T. King; (26) R. Mulrenin; (19) T. Ray fm (26) R. Mulrenin; (15) K. Gonzalez; (26) R. Mulrenin; (19) T. Ray fm (16) P. Mullins; (26) R. Mullins; (19) T. Ray fm (15) K.Gonzalez; (3) T. King    Fire Goals: (46) W. Smith; (9) Drew Depudyt
Semi-Final # 2          6:45 pm        
Jacksonville Barracudas 2      
Orlando Jr. Knights 5      
Barracuda Goals: (8) P. Lamarre fm (44) J. Epi; (8) P. Lamarre fm (6) J. Musa      Knight Goals: (77) M. Loza; (88) M. Mara fm (20) G. Podsiad (77) M. Loza fm (18) G. Roe; (6) C. Levens; (6) C. Levens
Monday 2/21        
Orlando Jr Knights 4      
Space Coast Hurricanes 6      
Canes Goals: (87) B. Williamson; (26) R. Mulrenin X 4; (15) K. GonzalezKnights Goals: (6) C. Levens fm (18) G. Roe & (77) M. Loza; (40) J. George fm (20) G. Podsiad; (99) G. Heyn fm (40) J. George & (6) C. Levens; (6) C. Levens fm (18) G. Roe 


Feb 102011

In the final weekend of the CFHL season the Cudas were looking to clinch a spot in the SAHOF State Championship Tournament. Only the top four advance and heading into this weekend there was only one lock and four others playing for the final three spots. The Cudas controlled their own destiny as they needed one point out of this two game set to clinch one of the three remaining spots.

Game one against the always tough Jr. Lightning White team proved to be a loss but the Cudas played well and did not hang their heads. (17) Tim Lynch provided the offensive punch for the Cudas as he scored two goals with his ever-elusive wrist shot.

Game two against the Jr. Everblades Blue was another good matchup of evenly skilled teams. It was a matter of who was going to take it from the other and the Cudas came out with the mindset that they were not done for the season yet. (17) Tim Lynch continued his scoring ways as he fired a shot over the goalie’s shoulder for the game’s first goal. The Cudas would not relinquish the lead and later added a rebound goal by (61) Kyle Secor. After the Blades battled back to net a goal of their own, (77) Tommy Henry found a soft spot in the “D” and took an (9) Alex Morley pass from behind the net and hammered it 5-hole for the score. With the 3-2 victory the Cudas secured their spot in the State Championship Tournament as the second seed in the CFHL.

After a home weekend in the Jacksonville Presidents’ Day Tourney, the Cudas will hit the road again to Germain Arena in Estero, Fl for the SAHOF State Championship Tournament. Congratulations & Go Cudas!!!

Tampa Bay Jr. Lightning White  5      BARRACUDAS  2

Goals: (17) Tim Lynch from (28) Logan Stroud and (9) Alex Morley

(17) Tim Lynch unassisted

BARRACUDAS  3      Florida Jr. Everblades Blue  2

Goals: (17) Tim Lynch unassisted

(61) Kyle Secor unassisted

(77) Tommy Henry from (9) Alex Morley

Feb 032011


The Cudas hit the highway yet again to finish out a home-and-home series with the Space Coast Hurricanes down in Rockledge at the Space Coast Iceplex. The Cudas were looking to control play but found themselves in a scoreless tie after one period. In the second, (9) Alex Morley was able to break the tie as he and linemates (77) Tommy Henry and (19) Adam Zager hooked up for a goal that proved to be the eventual game winner. Insurance was added later in the second as (17) Tim Lynch took a lateral from Goaltender (35) CJ Judd and skated coast to coast deking the Canes one-by-one and firing the puck into the net. The final blow came in the third as (9) Alex Morley put a shot on net and a charging (77) Tommy Henry sniffed out the rebound and deposited it behind the goal line.

Goals: (9) Alex Morley from (77) Tommy Henry and (19) Adam Zager (Game Winner)

(17) Tim Lynch from (35) CJ Judd

(77) Tommy Henry from (9) Alex Morley


Game two proved to be a tighter matchup, however, the Cudas led most of the game.  In period one, (23) Donovan Tehan started the scoring, and demonstrated his own rocket fueled Slapshot as he received a (28) Logan Stroud pass and converted it into a goal from the right circle. In period two, (61) Kyle Secor gobbled up an (10) Alex DelVecchio faceoff win and streaked between the two “D” toward the net. As the defender took him to the ice, Kyle was able to direct the puck to the goalie’s 5-hole and into the back of the net. The Canes began to pressure late in the third as they were able to spring a shot past the Cuda goalie for the score. The Cudas secured the game by not allowing the Hurricanes an opportunity to pull the goalie with their own offensive pressure over the final two minutes.

Goals:  (23) Donovan Tehan from (28) Logan Stroud

(61) Kyle Secor from (10) Alex DelVecchio (Game Winner)

Jan 252011

BARRACUDAS:  8       Tampa Bay Titans:  0

In a busy month of January the Pee Wee Cudas press on and made their way down to Brandon for two league games against the Titans of Tampa Bay and the Jr. Bulls of Brandon. The Cudas were ready to rock and roll as they hit the ice in game one against the Titans. A staunch defensive effort allowed only a few shots on goal the entire game with the impressive blue line crew of Nikita LaChapelle, Tim Lynch, Donovan Tehan and Hunter Buben. Their was no shortage of offense as well as forwards Alex Morley, Austin Buben, Logan Stroud, Alex DelVecchio, Adam Zager, Kyle Secor, David Sader and Tommy Henry worked feverishly in the Titans’ zone along with their defensive partners to put the puck in the net eight times. The Cudas put on a display of impressive skating, passing and puck handling. We were treated to one-timers, cross-crease passes, deflections on net and slapshots. Goaltender CJ Judd posted his 6th Shutout of the season.

Goal 1: (8) David Sader from (9) Alex Morley (Game Winner)

Goal 2: (25) Austin Buben from (13) Hunter Buben

Goal 3: (10) Alex DelVecchio from (19) Adam Zager

Goal 4: (23) Donovan Tehan

Goal 5: (23) Donovan Tehan

Goal 6: (17) Tim Lynch

Goal 7: (9) Alex Morley from (28) Logan Stroud

Goal 8: (25) Austin Buben from (28) Logan Stroud

BARRACUDAS:  3       Jr. Bulls:  1

In game two the Cudas matched up against the Jr. Bulls looking to sweep the season series. The Cudas found that the Jr. Bulls came to play as the two teams skated tough with neither team gaining an advantage on the scoreboard until 3:31 left in the first period when (23) Donovan Tehan took an (25) Austin Buben pass, skated into the zone and launched a frozen rope slapshot from the deep right circle which beat the goalie. In period two the Cudas struck again as (9) Alex Morley took a (7) Nikita LaChapelle pass and fired the puck on net finding paydirt. With a two goal lead going into the third the Cudas felt comfortable but were not finished as just over midway through the third period, (61) Kyle Secor took a (17) Tim Lynch offering and snapped it on net from the left circle and past the goalie for the score.

Goal 1:  (23) Donovan Tehan from (25) Austin Buben

Goal 2:  (9) Alex Morley from (7) Nikita LaChapelle (Game Winner)

Goal 3:  (61) Kyle Secor from (17) Tim Lynch

Jan 182011

BARRACUDAS: 2   Huntsville Jr. Chargers: 2

The Pee Wee Cudas headed north for the MLK holiday weekend to Atlanta to participate in the 3rd Annual Atlanta Freedom Cup PeeWee Hockey Festival. The Cudas were one of five teams from Florida that made the trip to ATL. Friday night the boys had a great time at the NHL Atlanta Thrashers game against the Philadelphia Flyers. The boys enjoyed a fun night of comeraderie along with some free popcorn and sodas and were even able to catch up to an old friend and teammate from last year (Good to see you Zeke!). The Cudas started play early Saturday at a 7 am game against the Huntsville Jr. Chargers. The Chargers took an early 2-0 lead leaving the Cudas a bit frazzled. Fortunately the Cudas were able to get it together in the 3rd period as (13) Hunter Buben took a drop pass from brother (25) Austin Buben as he was absorbing a hit and skated it coast to coast through an opening in the Charger D and deked the goalie sliding the puck in the right side of the goal. With a 2-1 lead the Chargers were stingy with the real estate and kept the Cudas at bay until 6:59 in the third when the Cudas forced play to the front of the Charger net where (61) Kyle Secor was able to capitalize on a (10) Alex DelVecchio shot rebound and poke the puck past the goal line for the Cudas 2nd goal.

Goal 1: (13) Hunter Buben from (25) Austin Buben

Goal 2: (61) Kyle Secor from (10) Alex DelVecchio

Atlanta Fire ’99: 4    BARRACUDAS: 3

Game two was Saturday afternoon in Kennesaw which pitted our Cudas against the Atlanta Fire ’99 team. This was clearly a game the Cudas would like to have back. The Cudas came out flat and just did not play to their potential. Despite the fact that all the bounces seemed to be going the way of the Fire team, the Cudas did manage three goals and tied the game with 7:10 left in the third. Then just a few minutes later the Fire netted their fourth on a terrible angle shot that deflected off of a player in front and found its way in the net. It was just one of those kind of games. Cuda goals were netted by (10) Alex DelVecchio on a shot from the slot area assisted by (23) Donovan Tehan. Goal two was scored by (25) Austin Buben on a rebound with the assist to (19) Adam Zager. Goal number three went to (17) Tim Lynch as he lifted a shot from the left half wall assisted by (25) Austin Buben.

Goal 1: (10) Alex DelVecchio from (23) Donovan Tehan

Goal 2: (25) Austin Buben from (19) Adam Zager

Goal 3: (17) Tim Lynch from (25) Austin Buben

BARRACUDAS: 3    Carolina Storm: 1

Game three was Sunday morning and the Cudas came out flying. Solid body checking, crisp passing, smooth transition play and clever neutral zone play all came out as the Cudas took care of the then #1 seeded Carolina Storm. This was clearly the highlight game of the tournament as the the Cudas took no prisoners. (61) Kyle Secor started off the scoring as he hammered home a rebound of a (13) Hunter Buben offering from the blue line only a minute and a half into the game. (10) Alex DelVecchio also got into the action with a long range shot from the deep left circle which fooled the goalie and soared by his blocker and stick handle and into the net. The final nail in the coffin was provided by (19) Adam Zager as he forced a rebound past the Storm goalie on a shot from (17) Tim Lynch and secondary assist by (25) Austin Buben.

Goal 1: (61) Kyle Secor from (13) Hunter Buben

Goal 2: (10) Alex DelVecchio from (19) Adam Zager

Goal 3: (19) Adam Zager from (17) Tim Lynch and (25) Austin Buben

BARRACUDAS: 3    Jr. Everblades Green: 3

The consolation game pitted two league rivals whom have split their regular season meetings each beating the other 1-0 in both contests. This was a hard fought and physical game in which the Cudas found themselves in a deficit situation again down 3-0. The Cudas did not quit and began to chip away at the lead late in the game. (23) Donovan Tehan started the scoring on a 5-on-3 power play in which he pulled the puck to his forehand in front and lifted the puck into the net after some tight passing from (18) Chase Malone and (17) Tim Lynch. Goal number two also came from the defense in the form of a shot from the point from the stick of (13) Hunter Buben as he took a D-to-D pass from (23) Donovan Tehan. The shot appeared to have gone unseen by the goalie as a timely screen created havoc in front. The final goal was the highlight goal of the tournament as (17) Tim Lynch skated on a breakaway behind the D only to be hooked from behind by his skates and taken down. Clearly a penalty shot situation, the crowd erupted. However, Tim had other plans as he continued to fight for a shot which he was able to get off while sliding on the ice. The puck found its way under the goalie and into the net for the goal. No penalty shot needed!

Goal 1: (23) Donovan Tehan from (18) Chase Malone and (17) Tim Lynch

Goal 2: (13) Hunter Buben from (23) Donovan Tehan

Goal 3: (17) Tim Lynch unassisted

Jan 082011


Volusia Jr Bolts 1

The Cuda PW Team traveled south to Daytona to skate off the holiday break and they picked up right where they left off. In the first of 2 early games the Cudas initiated the scoring early in the first stanza as (17) Timmy Lynch netted one off a couple of solid passes from (13) Hunter Buben and (61) Kyle Secor. From there they never trailed, but Volusia continued to add some pressure. The Cudas took a 2 goal advantage as (9) Alex Morley deked his way in and scored on an assist from (77) Tommy Henry. Volusia netted a lone tally midway through the second, but Jacksonville Goaltender  (35) CJ Judd came up big as needed and the Cudas posted the victory 2 to 1 extending their winning streak to 5 games.


Volusia Jr Bolts 1

In Game 2, the Cudas controlled the puck most of the game, but as shots came, both netminders were very stingy. The Cudas were able to score 2:27 into the third as (23) Donovan Tehan scored on a zero angle shot finding the little bit of daylight between the Bolts goalie and the right post. Tehan’s goal was assisted by (9) Alex Morley & (13) Hunter Buben. The Cudas hung to their one goal lead until a late flurry by the Bolts finally saw the puck work it’s way into the net, with just 6 seconds remaining. It was a 1-1 tie but the Cudas extended their unbeaten streak to 6 games.